Custom Outdoor Structures by Colorado Springs Deck & Fence

Custom Outdoor Structures

Outdoor events like cooking and dining, swimming and lounging, TV or movie watching or playing the latest video game are a breeze, so to speak, in an individually designed and constructed pavilion, gazebo or pergola. The choice of outdoor structure would be based on your individual geographical location and climate, with dry Colorado climates leaning to the open-sided pavilions and open-roofed pergolas; while structures in the Rocky Mountain area are often more comfortable with window screens and a water-resistant roof.

In addition to enriching your family life, a quality-built outdoor structure will also add to the value of your property. Almost like adding a room to the house, the more permanent the outdoor structure, the more value you will add to your home. Colorado Springs Deck & Fence's outdoor structures are built with exacting attention to detail, the finest quality materials, and old world craftsmanship. More than a simple collection of timbers - our unparalleled designs and superior construction provides all you can wish for in your garden.

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